Blackjack Card Counting

Many casino players tend to play blackjack because the game is based on both luck and skill. You need luck to get favorable cards, but with appropriate blackjack strategies and good skills you can affect the house edge of the game. Card counting is a popular technique in blackjack which gives players an edge over the casino. Contrary to what many people believe, card counting is not illegal, but it is just highly frowned upon and might get you banned from a casino. Nevertheless, you need to be very stealthy if you want to use it. Otherwise, everybody can learn the technique with a bit of practice.
Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy
Before you start counting cards in blackjack, you have to be well familiar with the game and its rules. Moreover, you have to learn a basic blackjack strategy and use it while playing. The strategy will tell you when is the right time to hit, stand, split or double down keeping the house edge of the game to a minimum. This also requires a lot of practice, therefore, play blackjack for free in order to practice and perfect a basic blackjack strategy.
Understand How Card Counting Works
The next step is to learn exactly how blackjack card counting works. With this technique you track the ratio of high and low cards in a playing deck. If the ratio of high cards is higher, it means that the deck favors you and you can make bigger bets in order to increase the win amount. To keep track of the cards, you should know the card value according to this technique. Cards between 2 and 6 have a value of +1, while cards from 7 to 9 have no value or zero value. All cards with a value of 10 have a value of -1, including the Ace. So whenever the count is running positive, increase your bets. In addition, make sure you practice the technique and get the true count, otherwise, the technique would be totally useless.
Does Blackjack Card Counting Work Online?
Blackjack card counting can only be used at land based casinos that offer the game, not online. The main reason for this is because when you play the game online, the system reshuffles the cards before each hand so it is impossible to keep track of the high and low cards in the deck. Moreover, the use of a Random Number Generator makes things even more difficult.
One way to practice card counting online is while playing live dealer blackjack. These games use an actual dealer placed in an actual casino or studio, dealing real cards. They work with a limited number of card decks, usually 6 to 8 and allow you to practice the same counting technique as in land-based venues. Lack of deck penetration and card shuffling after the first half of the card shoe has been dealt are potential issues, but it is still the best online opportunity to make use of card counting.