D'Alembert Roulette System

Even paying bets such as blackjack initial bet, red/black roulette bet or don’t pass line craps bet are perfect for various betting systems. One of the betting systems that help players to minimise their losses and plan their games is D’Alembert betting system. D’Alembert system has certain similarities with both Martingale and Labouchere betting system. Every loss results in a bigger next bet and these are the things that make this system share the negative and positive aspects of the previously mentioned betting systems.
Perfect for Making Small Profits
The D’Alembert betting system is not for those who like to make big profits in short periods of time. This system requires patience and a good strategy. Similarly as the Martingale system, every loss should make the player place a bigger bet. Similarly to Labouchere system, the bets should be seen as units. However, the unique part is that all units should have the same amount and after a win the bet amount is decreased for a single unit. Those who use the D’Alembert betting system can minimise the lost amount, end the game without any losses or even make a small profit.
Calculating Bet Size
D’Alembert betting system is relatively simple to understand. The best way to explain it is by exemplify a game session. This system can be used for playing craps, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and any other game that offers 1:1 payout bets because they are the best bets for making profit with D’Alembert. Let’s say that you play roulette and you place a 1 credit bet on even. If you win, you collect your winnings and nothing happens. However, if you lose you add another credit and the next bet is 2 credits. If you lose again, you add only one credit and the next bet is 3 credits. In case of a win you take one credit out and the next bet you place will have a wager amount of 2 credits.
Disadvantages of D’Alembert Betting System
Same as every other betting system, D’Alembert can prove inefficient if the player has very bad luck and loses several times in a row. In that case, the table limits may be reached and the player will have to win at least five times in order to get back what they had previously lost. Another possibility is for the player to lose all of their credits and not be able to continue playing.
Contre D’Alembert Roulette Betting System
Due to the disadvantages of the D’Alembert betting system, some roulette experts have decided to come up with a contra-version of this betting strategy. It is known as Contre D’Alembert and is practically a way for players to calculate their wager amount. In fact, the calculations proposed for this system are simply the complete opposites of the regular D’Alembert system. Namely, the bet amount increases progressively if you win, and decreases in the event of a loss. That way, there is less risk of reaching the roulette table maximum or drying up your bankroll.