European Blackjack

As one of the most popular casino games of luck and skills combined, blackjack is regularly played at both land based and online casinos. In fact, the game is so popular that there are many different variants of it. One such blackjack variant is called European Blackjack and it is quite famous in European casinos. The game follows most of the standard blackjack rules, but it has a few rules of its own.
The Rules
European Blackjack is played with six decks. According to the rules of the game, the dealer stands on soft 17. Players can double down only on hard 9- 11. They can also split up to three hands and they cannot surrender. Split Aces get only one card and re-splitting Aces is not allowed. A split Ace and a 10-valued card is not blackjack. To win, you need to get closer to 21 than the dealer or have the dealer bust. If you bust or go over 21, you lose your bet.
Card Values and Payouts
Standard card value rules apply for European Blackjack. This means that cards from 2 to 10 have their value shown on them. Jacks, Kings and Queens are worth 10, while the Ace counts as either 1 or 11. To play the game select a chip size and press the deal button.
Regarding the payouts, an Ace and a 10-valued card count as blackjack and it pays 3 to 2, but only if the dealer doesn’t have blackjack. If they both have blackjack, then it is a push. Any other winning hand is paid 1 to 1. Winning insurance bets pay 2 to 1.
European Blackjack Tips and Strategies
To win in European Blackjack, not only you should be well familiar with the game and its rules, but you should also learn an optimal playing strategy. In other words, you should know exactly when to hit, stand, double down or split. For example, double down when you have a hard 10 or 11 and the dealer has between 2 and 9. Always stand when you have hard 13, 14, 15 and 16 but only if the dealer has between 2 and 6. Otherwise, hit the hand. You should also hit if you have soft 13 through 17 regardless of the dealer’s card. Split a pair of 6s or 7s if the dealer is showing between 2 and 6 or between 2 and 7 respectively.
Online European Blackjack
Now that you are aware of the distinct features of the European version of blackjack, you should also learn about all the possible places where you can try your luck in this game. Land-based casinos across Europe offer this game as part of their standard selection, but nowadays, online casino operators have also made it available on their platforms.
Online European Blackjack has the same set of rules that apply to the land-based version. The only distinction is that it is governed by a Random Number Generator, but the newest inventions such as live dealer games can allow you to enjoy human interaction while playing this game.