Privacy Policy

Matters of privacy are of great importance to any online service, including this website. For that reason, it has been deemed best to present the site’s particular policy in a section separate from the general one. The following regulations refer to the same parties as general Terms of Use – the site, its owners, users and the content, with the addition of the user information collected by the site.

  1. Types of User Information

The site is equipped to collect two basic types of information from its users, personal and non-personal. The former type is normally related to the information that could help identify a user, such as their IP address, geo-location and the device they use to access the site. The latter, however, is much more extensive, and aims to track the entire user experience for various analytical purposes, such as calculating traffic, identifying patterns, and generally establishing user preferences.

  1. Security

Both the user information types, and the content and rights related to the site are protected under specific laws of the state. Moreover, security protocol and encryption is permanently employed in order to ensure there is no breach in security.

  1. Distribution of Information

When it comes to the ways in which the site uses private information from its users, you should know that there are only for analytic purposes. The site will not disclose, share, sell, loan or in any other way distribute private information from their users for their own gain. Should legal regulations require it, the distribution of information may be extended to an authoritative body, for internal use solely.

  1. Third Party Websites

Unless the third party website is a permanent and reliable partner to the site, no member of the team will disclose any personal information from individual users. Bear in mind that the Privacy Policy regulations listed here are applicable solely for this site, and you should not expect any service presented on our site to comply with them. Each third party website is restricted to its own policy.

  1. Cookies

Just like any other site, makes use of cookies, but their application is restricted to several case scenarios. Namely, the cookies on our site are used to track user experience and content in order to offer more of the relevant type. Plus, cookies are a good way to track traffic coming in from various websites, as well as user traffic going out from the site to third parties.

  1. Acceptance of Policy

By accessing and using the service on the site, you are automatically agreeing to the aforementioned principles of the Privacy Policy.

  1. Alterations of Policy

The operator of the site is not obliged to inform you of any changes and updates made to the Policy. All users are advised to check for such alterations on a regular basis. This will help users avoid certain experiences and eliminate the danger of agreeing to terms that are not in line with their beliefs.

Should you need any further information, please visit our ‘Contact Us’ page.