Progressive Slots

Slots are games that can be found at every land based as well as at every online casino. These unique games are all about luck and offer extremely fast-paced game sessions. Players place bets, hit the spin button and within second they know whether they have won or lost. One of the best and most attractive things about these slots is their jackpot. To be more precise – it’s their progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots are huge amounts of money that can be won by a single spin if you are lucky enough to hit the winning combination. There are several important things connected to progressive slots and these are some of them.
Every Bet Matters
Progressive slots got this name because their jackpot amount is progressively growing. This means that every single bet placed on particular slot game matters, since a predetermined percentage of the bet amount goes directly to the jackpot pool. Hence, even the minimum bet amount has its effect on the progressive jackpot that can be won while playing progressive slots. Slots are extremely popular and countless customers place bets every single second. All of these bets give their share to the total jackpot amount and produce massive jackpots of over £1 million.
Progressive Slots Jackpot Amounts
The progressive slots can offer some mouth-watering jackpot amounts. However, whether the progressive jackpot is big or small depends on whether the progressive slot is standalone or linked to other progressive slots. Usually, casinos tend to link several progressive slots in order to offer bigger jackpots and most commonly a single slot game is linked between numerous casinos. These progressive slots are known to offer massive jackpots that reach sums of 1 or 2 million pounds or more. Standalone progressive slots offer smaller winning amounts around £10,000-50,000, whereas linked slots at a single casino can provide jackpots of over £100,000.
Popular Progressive Slots Equals Massive Jackpots
The more popular the progressive slot is, the bigger the jackpot amount is going to be. Hence, players should try their luck at some of the world’s most popular and commonly played slots if they hope to become the new millionaire thanks to progressive slots. Everybody knows Mega Moolah, a Microgaming progressive slot that produced 13 instant millionaires solely in the year 2013. Playtech links its Marvel-themed progressive slot The Fantastic Four and hence this game also offers massive jackpots. Mega Fortune is NetEnt’s strongest weapon that holds the Guinness world record for the largest online progressive jackpot payout of over £15 million.
Tips for Progressive Slots Players
Despite being highly volatile and not influenced by outward factors, there are a few things you can do to improve your progressive slot player experience. For one, you should check the Return-to-Player percentage, as it shows you whether the game is worth playing. If you need to put in too many wagers for a significant payout, you are better off with a different slot. The ones mentioned above are sure to offer RTPs that stand out from the other low percentages characteristic of progressive slots.