Roulette History

We are all familiar with the extremely popular and widely played casino game called roulette. This game that has several unique features, such as the roulette wheel and the roulette layout, can be found at every land based and online casino. There are more than one roulette variants, various betting limits and rule modifications that make each roulette game exciting and special to its fans. However, what many people do not know is when roulette was first played and how this interesting game evolved throughout the years. Here are some amusing facts about the history and evolution of roulette.
Call it a French Game
That’s right; the first form of roulette was played in France back in the 18th century; hence, it can be said that roulette is a French game. There are a few theories about who and how invented it and it is believed that the first roulette wheel probably had only E and O patches for even and odd numbers. The word roulette alone also comes from a French word which means “a little wheel.” Of course, once a game becomes popular it is changed in order to be more suitable for a particular market. Hence, currently there are several roulette variants that have unique rules and modifications.
Roulette Variants
Since it has been played in its initial variant, roulette had undergone many makeovers and therefore there are several roulette variants. The most popular one is the European Roulette which is played with European wheel and layout that contain only one green single zero fields each. Also popular is the French Roulette that has the lowest house edge of all other roulette games. It is the same as European Roulette, but features the La Partage rule that allows players to keep 50% of their initial bets if the winning number is zero. Players can also find American Roulette and Mini Roulette at numerous casinos worldwide.
Roulette at Online Casinos
The technological revolution brought many innovations to our everyday life. One of the things that changed was the way of gambling. According to Microgaming, the company launched the first online casino in 1994 and since then roulette can be played at countless online casinos. The outcomes at online roulette are random and depend on RNG (random number generators). However, there are also casinos that offer Live Roulette and HD streaming from live roulette tables that feature a real roulette wheel.
Furthermore, no matter which type or variant of the game you choose to play, you should understand that it is arguably one of the most popular casino games that depend on chance and luck, instead of skill. Yet, there are a few strategies to improve your odds of winning.

  1. Choose the variant with the lowest house edge.
  2. Don’t get carried away with bets that offer high payouts, as they offer the worse player odds.
  3. Understand the game rules and etiquette before risking real money.
  4. Only play at the top-rated land-based and online casino establishments.