Slot Machine Features

Back in the old days, slot machines were much more plain and simple ‘one armed bandits’ that had a few paylines on the three-reel system filled with card symbols. This gradually changed, as symbols gained greater variety and the number of paylines increased to allow more winning opportunities.
Slot machines nowadays are packed with all kinds of offers, designs, and numerous other features to make the gambling experience more thrilling. Starting from the type of slot machine all the way to the smallest details, there are a number of features that you need to be familiar with.
Type of Slot Machine
The primary distinction among slot machines is made on the basis of their type. Namely, slots are divided between land-based and online games.

  • Land-based slots are regular slot machines found on the floor at casino establishments, and players can physically press the buttons or pull the handle during play.
  • Online slots, on the other hand, are software-powered games that exist on casino websites, operated by online gambling businesses. These slots are fully digital, but completely manage to mimic the reel-turning experience.

Payout Frequency
This is another common feature of slot machines – a calculation of the average frequency of winnings provided by a single game. The payout frequency is extremely important, especially for more experienced players that know what to look for in a game. Depending on this feature, you could find loose slot machine games or tight ones. The former usually award smaller payout amounts more often, while the latter tend to pay out on certain intervals, but with greater prize amounts. Medium slots are also distinguished nowadays, and they seem to be the best solution for those unwilling to risk their money on the other two.
As mentioned previously, symbols nowadays are much more diverse than they were decades ago. These slot machines have all kinds of bonuses, promotions and payout combinations which are accomplished by the use of such symbols.

  • Multiplier symbols show you by how many times will your formal winnings be multiplied. The mark on these symbols is usually x2, x5 or any other number.
  • Bonus symbols serve to activate the bonuses that available to slot machine players. These usually consist of free opportunities to spin the reels, as you will see below.
  • Scatter symbols are arguably the most desirable ones, as they guarantee 100% payout no matter where on the screen they happen to appear.
  • Wild symbols function just like wild cards in card games – they substitute any other symbol that is necessary for a payout. There are many different types of wild symbols, like expanding wilds, shifting, stacked, sticky wilds and many more.

Slot Bonuses
Bonuses on slot machines are normally activated by the bonus symbols. Each symbol has its own purpose, but more or less, they all provide the same type of award – free spins. These are chances to spin the reels without placing a bet with your own money.
Finally, a feature that simply serves to please the eye is the theme variety. Modern slots are inspired by anything from movies, through pop stars to books when it comes to their design.