Terms of Use

Before going over the specific terms under which you are able to use the content presented, it is important to distinguish several entities. Namely, there are two primary parties involved in this relation – the provider, which is us, and shall hereafter be referred to as ‘the site’ or ‘UCgamelab.net’, and the consumer, which is any individual or group making use of the presented content, ‘the user’.

  1. Agreement & Acceptance

The terms of use dictated by the team operating this site are to be accepted and agreed with by anyone willing to use the services provided here.

  1. Alterations & Updates

The site and its owners and operating team retain all rights to alter or update the terms of use regarding the services provided on UCgamelab.net. Furthermore, they are not legally bound and thus will not take up the task to inform you of any such changes. It is advisable to check the Terms of Use page on a regular basis in order to avoid any conflicts.

  1. Services

This site is strictly dedicated to providing information regarding gambling activities and news of any happenings within the evolving online gambling community. Users should not expect to use this site for gambling entertainment purposes or payment facilitation. Moreover, they are unable to accuse the site for having misinterpreted any of the information presented here.

  1. External Contribution

Users and freelance writers are able to contribute various forms of content to the site. Nonetheless, they need to be aware of the following stipulations:

  • You are the sole owner and author of your content.
  • You are obliged to provide original content, and are strictly required to refrain from plagiarism.
  • Your content, just like all the rest presented on the site, will be protected by copyrights.
  • You are obliged to produce content that is true and useful to the best of your knowledge, and will not misguide any of the site users.
  • Your content should not contain any expression that might be deemed racist, nationalist, or discriminatory in any other way, and should be applicable to as many users as possible.
  1. Privacy of Personal Information

Users accessing our site need to be aware of the fact that, through such action, they are providing us with their basic personal information. For our treatment of such user information, feel free to visit our dedicated page on Privacy Policy.

  1. Third Party Websites

Users of UCgamelab.net should be aware of the presence of third party website links throughout its content. According to the site’s terms, it is not to be held responsible for any content presented on these third party websites, nor is it responsible for any damage – psychological, financial – inflicted upon you during your time on these platforms.

  1. Disclaimer

The site’s owners and managing team bear all the rights to the review content, news and general articles provided here. They have the ownership over most of the content copyrights, symbols, and links, and claim that they are accurate.